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So, you're a know it all...

Here are some interesting things people can learn even those that know a lot about the residential services and contracting fields.

What free service can save you $10,000-$25,000 on home chimney repair?

What is the difference between a brick mason and a chimney "guy"? What is it you need to know to hire the right guy for the job?

My friend is a licensed jouneymen electrician. He's been doing electrical a long time. He said he'd wire my new addition for pizza and beer. Why is this a huge mistake?

New Cement... chicken wire or rebar - which should you use?

Contrary to popular opinion, does concrete cure stronger when it is wetter or dryer?

Concrete - what 2 free changes can I request that will save me potentially thousands of dollars down the road or even sooner?

What is a finish carpenter exactly? Does a trim carpenter do cabinet work? Should a carpenter also stain my woodwork?

Decks - Most homeowners complain they had their deck built too _________? Is the answer large or small and how do they make this mistake?

Would my insurance company pay if a licensed electrician moved a plug 6 inches to the right which later shorted out and my house burned down? It depends on two critical issues. Do you know what they are?

What could I put into a heating and cooling contract that would cost me nothing more but save me thousands within the next 18 months?

What free service can save you $15,000-$20,000 dollars on your septic system and/or basement waterproofing?

When re-plumbing or fixing valves in your plumbing system what 3 dollar investment can save you thousands later?

What lasts longer dimensional or plain shingles?

What small upcharge on roofing will give you a ton of return on your investment but most roofers will never mention it?

Is 15 or 30 pound roofing felt better? You'd be surprised to find out which one is actually better than the other and why.

What's a common mistake roofers make that can become a nightmare for you as a consumer?

When flashing around a chimney, what is the easy to do big secret to a good job that 70% of all roofers and masons either don't know about or don't mention?

What is one thing you can ask your chimney specialist or roofer to do that costs nothing extra but can save you thousands of dollars and a ton of headaches?

Is it ever wise for a home owner to pull a permit?

What is it many carpet bids don't tell you?

When is paying your plumber more money a great idea?

So who's supposed to install a hot water heater? A plumber, a heating and cooling guy or a hot water specialist?

Is checking references wiser than checking service calls?

Why is getting 3 recent references often a bad idea?

What is it drywallers often do that comes back to haunt the homeowner less than a year later?