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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Armed Consumer endorse products or services?

We "partner" with some product manufacturers or service providers as production sponsors to make it more economically viable to bring you this information. We do not however rate or necessarily endorse these products as we believe that  educating the consumer on what to look for when hiring professionals expands their choices.

Do you offer legal advice on any issues related to contractors and contracting their services?

NO - not directly or implied. We do have a legal opinion area as it relates to contracts and legal issues surrounding dealing with service professionals. Currently Blake Lipman, a Michigan Attorney at Law is online in the forum to provide some opinions free of charge for those that buy our dvd productions.

Why get the video if you have info on the site?

Well, when you consider the devil is in the details it couldn't ring more true than with our jam packed 2 dvd set on residential contractors. It is 4 hours long and touches on so many areas. Also, the video has a secret code that lets you access ALL the information on this site. Non-customers get great info but hey... we're a for profit company and need to encourage your visit to our fine retailers.

Do you have any financial investment in any of the contractors, services, sponsors or retailers seen on the dvd or the website?


Do you endorse the professional Michigan Contractors on the video production, Armed Consumer?

Though we sought out reputable professional contractors with years of experience, we do not necessarily endorse their work. Though we'd likely hire them to work for us, endorsing them in this litigious culture just opens up too many potential problems for our company.

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