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Plumbing Contractors

Things to Remember:

  • Cost: Plumbers can be expensive so shop around for the best hourly rates. But remember that cheapest doesn't always equal best. Get references from all contractors you are considering, even if you've heard of them for years. Don't forget to take travel time into cost consideration. Plumbers will charge for the time they are in their truck traveling to and from your home.
  • Consolidate: If you have other projects that need a plumber. Go through your home checking every faucet and fixture, making a list of any problems. Then have them fixed at the same time as your main project. Ask for a fixed price and make sure any products to be installed are listed in your contract with their model numbers. Plumbing contractors normally charge an hourly rate for one man and a truck.

    This does not include parts. Lately more plumbers are charging by the fixture, which means their bids are based on the rough-in for drain and supply lines and installation of fixtures themselves. If you wish, you can also save money buy buying any new fixtures yourself (instead of from the contractor) and have the contractor install them for you. Another money-saving idea, especially if the contractor is in a busy time of the year, is to wait until business is slower. He will most likely give you a better rate to wait.
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