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Painting Contractors

Before calling any potential contractors, make sure you've determined which areas in your home you want painted. Do you also need to repair moldings, patch drywall or hang new doors? Be prepared to answer these questions. Also recognize that professional painting contractors will ask questions and that asking these questions is a good sign he or she plans to do a professional job.

Decide what colors and paint you wish to use. Be sure to view these colors in natural light and if possible in the actual room/s your planning to paint. Paint charts are available at all home centers and local paint stores to help with this process.

If you are planning to perform some other work in your home such as replacing trim, new counter tops or new window treatments, you should do these projects before your new paint job. However, if you plan to install new flooring you should do the painting first. After painting, install the floors and do any touch-up work on baseboards, etc. afterward. Read the huge list of tips below to insure you hire it done right the first time.

Things to Remember:

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