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Irrigation Contractors

To keep your landscaping healthy, you need a well-designed, properly installed and well-maintained irrigation system. An automatic irrigation system lessens labor and time needed for watering, is convenient, takes care of all your landscaping for you, allows you to set timers for day or evening, adds value to your property and lessens plant loss in the event of a drought.

If you want to install a system, you may wish to hire an irrigation designer to evaluate your site’s condition and prepare plans that meet your needs. The designer can choose the most effective equipment and methods, as will as prepare specifications and drawings for the project. Designers are very useful for large residential irrigation projects.

If you don’t need a designer, look for an Irrigation Association (IA) Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC), or a contractor who is also a designer. Contractors with IA certification have had training and/or passed examinations that demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of the field. They must attend continuing education and renew their certifications every year. Even without certification, a prospective contractor should be able to prove that he has been trained in his field, as well as any technicians who may work on your project.

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