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Drywall Contractors

Drywall is also known as Sheetrock™ or gypsum board. It is used to cover interior walls with panels that are screwed or nailed to studs. You can hire a drywall contractor to install drywall in a newly constructed home or to repair and cover up old surfaces with drywall in your older home. You could also choose to plaster, but correctly installed, finished and textured drywall looks just like expensive plaster work. If maintained properly, drywall will look just as nice as plaster and last for years. In addition drywall is fairly easy to repair.

Drywall is hung after any insulation has been installed and inspected. In new homes, drywall cannot be hung unless at least the roof has been completed; if not, moisture could enter and cause serious problems with the drywall.

When meeting with a contractor, make sure to ask what is included in his standard package and what type of upgrades may be available. He can inform you about the latest styles in drywall and texturing as well. Contractors determine pricing for drywall work by measuring the square footage of the area and multiplying by 3.33.

The following items are specific to drywall installation contracts:

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