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Brick, Masonry &
Chimney Contractors

Brick Masons: Check with a local brick or stone supply center, as most have them have done business with area masons for many years. They should know which ones are most qualified and financially sound.

Check with the Mason Contractors of America web site which has strict membership requirements and high quality contractors. You can use the site to find members in your area.

Chimney Repair Build: Visit the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) web site to find certified chimney specialists.

Before meeting with contractors put together the following information to give to each one so that all bids are based on the same terms:

  • Description of the problem or work to be done.
  • Desired time frame for project (start and end dates).
  • Special issues regarding parking, noise, dust, pets, use of your restrooms, and so on.

Questions to Ask the Contractor:

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